Getting Started

Simplifying Cremation for our Hometown.

Getting Started

Being in charge of a cremation can be overwhelming. Simply Cremations is here to support you throughout this time. Below is the information to help you get started, but always remember, you can reach us at any time if you need help.


Within Hours


When your loved one passes at home or in a place that is not a healthcare facility, you’ll need to contact emergency personnel (Police or Sherriff) before they can be taken into our care. Once they have arrived, make sure they have our information and we will be notified by them as soon as they complete their part. The authorities will in turn notify the deceased's physican or Hospice staff also.

If your loved one passes in a healthcare facility such as a hospital or nursing home, they will notify the proper authorities, including the funeral home you have chosen to care for your loved one if they know that information. Please make sure, by talking to the Nursing Supervisor of that location.

* Remember, we are here to help and support you. If you’re not sure what to do, stop and call us any time. We are available 24 hours a day.





The total cost of our services is $1195 (unless more than one death certificate is required).


This payment is to be made in advance on our website, or made in person when we arrive. If this is difficult to do, we have the following options that may be of help to you.


We accept payments online via all major credit cards — Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Use our online payment platform to easily and securely pay by credit card.


We are also capable of processing eChecks, or ACH payments, these payments let you transfer funds directly from your bank account to pay for our service. It’s fast, secure, and saves you money on credit card fees.


Simply Cremations honors all prearrangments that have been made to any Funeral Home or Direct Disposer establishment throughout the United States. If this is the case, please make sure to have any pertinent paperwork available to give to our staff if this is the case.


We will also handle any insurance paperwork that you may have to be used towards funeral expenses. Please inform us in advance, so we can put together an assignment form that allows us to speak to the insurance company on your behalf. We have streamlined this process with insurance companies so that the beneficiary can recieve a portion of claim funded immediately instead of waiting 30-90 days for the insurance companies to pay out. We’ll also handle all the paperwork!


Simply Cremations is now capable of providing low interest loans for exactly this situation. By using our system, qualifying is much easier than you may expect. We work with multiple lenders across the U.S. to get you the most competitive lending rates for this exact type of small loan. Viewing the offers available to you doesn’t affect your credit, so you can see all the options you have for loan amounts and repayment terms.


If you have exhaused this posibility, please talk to us about your situation and hopefully we can come up with a solution. 

What to Expect When We Arrive



Upon recieving your call, two licensed directors from our company will arrive promptly to the location of the deceased. At that time we will be able to go over everthing in person and handle any questions that you may have. Before we leave with the deceased, you will be given a copy of all of the paperwork and you will know an approximate timeline that everything will be completed. 


If this meeting with us is not possible, we are more than prepared to handle any paperwork remotely. Or if it is more convienient, we will come to you. We are trying to make this process as smooth and stress-free for you as we can. Additionally, we have a facility in Monticello if you are more comfortable meeting in an office environment. 


During this process, communication is key to making sure you get everything you need. You will always have someone to talk to and handle any questions that might arise during this time. 



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