Cremation Service

Simplifying Cremation for our Hometown.

Cremation Service

Being the one in charge of a cremation can be a difficult task. Our company's purpose is to assist you throught this time by making sure all of your wishes are handled personally and promptly. We have designed our business so that you are capable of providing all paperwork regarding this task remotely, or in person at your location. Communication is the key to making sure this process is a simple one. We have removed the burden of working with a "funeral home" by assigning you one point of contact, a licensed director, who will be available to you at all times during this time.

How we work

From the very beginning, you will be working with a licensed funeral director that will answer and explain, in detail, any questions that you may have. We are available 24/7, and when the time comes, we will be there for you promptly.

Our website offers the ability for you to input all the information required for the filing of the Death Certificate. It also provides the ability to handle the payment of our service, which will be needed before our arrival. If you are unable to meet the financial requirements, we also offer, the ability to apply for an immediate low-interest, loan for our service with a bank that specializes in small funeral loans. If you are having issues with putting the biographical information, we are more than capable of helping you when we arrive.

Also, if there are insurance policies, or pre-arrangements that have been made with any funeral home, we are more than capable of assisting you with that also. Simply mark the appropriate box that lets us know and upon our arrival, we will have you sign an insurance assignment so that we can speak on your behalf regarding the policy. Please make sure to have any policies available so that we can properly go over and fill out the information at one time. Insurance work will not delay the cremation for any reason.

Communication is key to making sure everyone is satisfied with our outcome.

Once we arrive, a funeral director will meet with the next-of-kin, or responsible party, to go over everything to make sure that there are no questions (If no one is at the deceased's location, we will handle all communications over the phone or email). During this time, we will be making sure that all paperwork for the Death Certificate has been filled out, and all paperwork pertaining to the cremation is also completed.

After we have spoken, you will receive from us, an “At-Need” packet which will include any information that you might require regarding the cremation during this process. Also, we will supply copies of all paperwork (online and physical) that has been done up to this point. After everyone is satisfied with the arrangements, we will transport the deceased to our secure facility where they will be placed in a refrigerated space until all paperwork has been completed and the State of Florida has issued a “Permission to Cremate” form. This generally takes about 4-6 days for the doctor and the State department to complete once the filing process has started. If there are any delays at all, you will be informed immediately. As soon as permission has been given, we will cremate within the next 24 hours and have everything complete and ready for delivery to you (physically or by mail) within 48 hours.

Payment Options

We offer multiple online payment options to help lessen the financial burden on your family during this difficult time. Talk to a member of our staff if you have any questions or need more information. 

  • eChecks, or ACH payments, let you transfer funds directly from your bank account to pay for services. It’s fast, secure, and saves you money on credit card fees.
  • We accept payments online via all major credit cards — Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Use our online payment platform to easily and securely pay by credit card today.
  • We offer crowdfunding for funeral services, memorial funds, and more. With all the features of other major crowdfunding sites and less fees, crowdfunding on our website is a great option for your family. Talk to a member of our staff to start a crowdfunding campaign today.
  • We work with multiple lenders across the U.S. to get you the most competitive lending rates. Viewing the offers available to you doesn’t affect your credit, so you can see all the options you have for loan amounts and repayment terms.
  • If your loved one has a life insurance policy you want to use for funeral expenses, talk to us. We can get a portion of your claim funded immediately instead of waiting 30-90 days for the insurance companies to pay out. We’ll also handle all the paperwork!

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